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Tesla may be claiming a real-world cost of $500 a month to lease/own a Model S, but if you live in downtown Las Vegas, you can get 100 Model S vehicles, all the bus rides you want and access to 100 bikeshare bikes – as well as a collection of 100 neighborhood electric vehicles – for under $400 a month. One minor detail: you don’t get to actually drive the Model S.

Called Project 100, the idea is part of the Downtown Project by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh. For now, the beta project is invite-only and still in the planning stages, writes GigaOM. The Verge says that the monthly cost should be less than $400, because that “represents an average car payment plus insurance.” GigaOM says tiered pricing will be available.

Project 100 will be app-based, and using that app, you can call up one of 100 Model S taxi, unlock the bicycles and NEVs or ride the buses to any of 100 stops. Think of it as mobility sharing, with Teslas – and a high price tag.

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What is Downtown Project – November 2012 from downtownproject

By Sebastian Blanco