Anyone who’s California Dreamin’ about test-driving the battery-electric version of the Toyota RAV4 can now get their chance.

The Japanese automaker is taking the EV on a tour of the Golden State with its Charge-to-Charge Tour, complete with a web series hosted by Treehugger founder Graham Hill.

The tour started this past weekend in Richmond, just across the bay from San Francisco, and will work its way south through the end of the month. The RAV4 will be exhibited at events such as 40th Annual EAA Electric Vehicle Rally and Show in Cupertino before finishing up at the AltCar Expo in Santa Monica, which takes place at the end of next week, September 28-29.

Last week, Toyota outlined its loan and lease options while disclosing that the EPA put a single-charge range rating of 103 miles on the Vehicle. The Japanese automaker, which will start sales of the model at some California dealers starting next week, will offer a 36-month lease option for $599 a month with a $3,499 downpayment. For buyers, Toyota will offer an APR loan at 1.9 percent.

In May, Toyota said it would price the EV at $49,800 and would make about 2,600 of them through 2014. And late last month, Toyota released a couple videos elaborating on Toyota’s work with Tesla Motors on the vehicle and on efforts to cut the RAV4 EV’s wind drag as a way to help boost range. Find more Charge-to-Charge Tour details in the press release below.

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By Danny King