Tesla Model S on a country bridge

Tesla Motors has announced Canadian pricing for its 2012 Model S sedan. It looks like Canucks will have to shell out C$65,500 (around $66,400 U.S. at today’s rate) to get into the least expensive, 40-kWh battery version of the all-electric. The 60-kWh variant will be C$75,200 ($76,200) and the 85-kWh, C$85,900 ($87,000). Those interested in the Model S Performance are now looking at a bill for C$100,400 ($101,700).

Yes, that’s a lot of loonies, but buyers can, at least, be assured that the automaker isn’t overcharging just to pocket some extra cash. The price difference, as Tesla explains it, is mostly due to an import duty of 6.1 percent – the cost of the Japanese-sourced batteries places the Model S outside of the non-North American allowed content under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). An additional 1.5 to 2 percent is being charged to cover “incremental transportation costs and country specific business expenses.”

In addition to those amounts, the increase also covers the cost of allowing all customers north of the 49th parallel to luxuriate in now-standard Nappa leather interiors with heated seats. While Canada doesn’t have a federal electric vehicle tax rebate scheme, residents of Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia, can advantage of $8,500, $8,000 and $5,000, respectively, in provincial tax credits rebates. Not so bad then, eh?

You can check out all the pricing and options over at Canadian portion of Tesla’s website. Scroll below for the official press release.

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By Domenick Yoney