Tesla Motors has announced European pricing for the Model S all-electric luxury sedan and has given a time frame for first sales of both left-hand and right-hand-drive versions across the Pond.

Tesla is giving the Model S vehicles earmarked for the Netherlands a base price of about $96,000 and a Performance version of about $129,000. The company said on its blog that the prices, which mark about a $30,000 premium on US versions, factor in transportation costs, import duties and other “minor business expenses” and factor out the $7,500 US federal tax credit. In explaining the price jump, George Blankenship, Tesla vice president of worldwide wales and ownership experience, writes, “Our goal is to make the same level of profit per car no matter where it is ultimately delivered around the world. We do not think it is right to seek higher profits from customers in some countries just because other companies do.” Take that, other companies.

European left-hand-drive vehicles will go on sale in the late spring, while UK right-hand drive units will start being produced by the end of the year. Last week, Tesla said it was about to open its European Distribution Center in Tilburg, Netherlands, and would start bringing in parts ahead of European distribution. Last month, the company priced the Model S for the US next year, boosting the price tag by $2,500 to a base of $59,900 and a top-end maximum of $94,400. European buyers can take advantage of the pre-increase price by placing an order before the end of the year.

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By Danny King